Dr. Cyril Sher

B.D.S. M.Sc. (Dent) . M.Dent. (Ortho.) (Wits)

Dr. Cyril Sher

Dr Cyril Sher graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand in 1980 with a Bachelor of Dental Science degree.  He was awarded a medal for Orthodontics by the Dental Association of South Africa having attained the highest mark in his class. He then went on to do National Service, during which time he completed his Masters of Science in Dentistry.  Included in his Masters degree he completed a special course in Paediatric dentistry and Endodontics.

He was invited to specialise in Orthodontics by the Dean of the Faculty at The University of The Witwatersrand and completed his Masters Degree in Orthodontics in 1988.

Dr Cyril Sher practices as a Specialist in Orthodontics in Highlands North, Johannesburg as well as from a satellite practice on the West Rand.

He offers a dedicated personal service to each of his patients and is committed to excellence in orthodontics.

Dr Sher is a member of the South African Society of Orthodontists as well as an International member of the World Federation of Orthodontists.

As well as an orthodontist he is a highly acclaimed artist who is also well-known as the “singing orthodontist.”

 “Orthodontics is not just a science but is an art as well”.

 In order to achieve harmonious facial balance, the soft and hard tissues have to be fully assessed and the proportions and balance of the face need to be analysed.

As an orthodontist, Dr Sher works closely with highly accomplished maxilla facial surgeons.  Together they team up to perform surgical orthognathics to rectify skeletal discrepancies and bites, to achieve an aesthetically beautifully balanced face and smile with corrected malocclusions.

As Albert Einstein so perfectly penned,

“After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in Aesthetics, plasticity and form.  The greatest scientists are always artists as well”.